Does Justice League’s Post-Credits Scene Tease The Joker?


Spoilers to follow…

Justice League may not have been the slam dunk Warner Bros. was no doubt hoping for, but it also wasn’t a complete dud and left a lot of interesting plot threads hanging, planting numerous seeds for the future of the DC Extended Universe along the way. Of course, the most intriguing of these was in one of the post-credits scenes.

If you’ve already seen the film, you’ll recall a moment where a guard at Arkham Asylum goes to check on Lex Luthor in his cell only to find a decoy – a man who looks a bit like Lex, but isn’t, as the supervillain has already escaped. And while we never get this individual’s name in the scene, we see him laughing uncontrollably. In and of itself there’s nothing especially odd about that. After all, he is in Arkham, meaning he’s obviously psychotic.

Still, some fans have begun to point out that his behaviour makes it seems like he may be under the influence of the Joker’s laughing gas. Why’s that? Well, shortly after this, we see Lex telling Deathstroke that they need to form a league of their own, implying that the Injustice League is on the way. Given that Mr. J’s a prominent member of that team, it wouldn’t be too crazy to think that Jared Leto’s villain may show his face in Justice League 2.

Again, though, this is in no way confirmed and is simply just some good ol’ fashioned speculation. We likely won’t get a firm answer on it in for a while, either, which means fans will be left to debate over the matter for some time to come. If you ask us, however, we’d lean towards it being a hint at the Joker’s arrival in the Justice League sequel. Do you agree, though? As always, let us know in the comments section down below.