Justin Bieber As Robin? Not In This Reality

Bieber bvs

By now, most of you have probably heard about all the commotion caused by the picture that Justin Bieber posted on Instagram of what looks to be a copy of the Batman vs. Superman script. The only caption found with the picture reads: “#robin??”

Somehow, several people actually fell for the gag, thinking that Bieber meant to imply that he was being considered for the part of the Boy Wonder in the upcoming Zack Snyder film.

If you’re one of those people that actually believed such a thing could happen, then I’m here to reassure you that it never would, and that there are several reasons as to why this photo is nothing but a hoax.

First and foremost, Snyder and company would never even entertain this notion. They’re smart people. They would immediately recognize the absolute disaster they would have on their hands if they even considered casting someone like Bieber in the role. You thought the reaction to Ben Affleck being cast as Batman was a bit rough? This would probably cause riots resulting in the destruction of Hollywood (ok, that’s a bit hyperbolic, but you get the idea).

Second, he had supposedly Tweeted earlier about going “Off to do something funny… or die,” an obvious reference to the comedy group. So he was basically giving everyone a heads up that he was going to be pulling some kind of prank. It’s no coincidence that this photo showed up later in the day.

Third, it’s more than likely that there isn’t even a first draft of the script completed yet. At most, there is probably an outline that David Goyer is working from at the moment. It’s a little hard to believe that he would have been able to churn out a draft this quickly.

Finally, in the 10th dimension fantasy world where Bieber is being considered for the role, he would only be allowed to read it in a secure area, after which it would be put back under lock and key (and laser grids, security cameras, guards, etc.). He would never be allowed to do whatever he wanted with it (i.e. take a picture).

There are probably several other reasons that people will find as to why this picture just doesn’t hold any weight (the guy can afford to pay someone for a decent forgery as well), but these pretty much sum it up. So relax, people. This is just a really, really bad joke.