Justin Lin Ready For Fast And Furious 6

Director Justin Lin is all ready to go for Fast and Furious 6, and why wouldn’t he be? After the monstrous box office take that Fast Five brought in, a sequel is a no brainer. A sixth film has been in the works for a while now and as of this point, it’s all but greenlit. Lin will once again take the director’s role and it’s assumed that at least Paul Walker and Vin Diesel will return. Lin told USA Today that “[‘Fast and the Furious 6’ is] pretty much 100%. It’s going to happen… At five, we’re just hitting our stride. We’re growing. People want to continue this journey.”

Universal chairman Adam Fogelson added that they want to make the series into “a true action franchise in the spirit of those great heist films made 10 or 15 years ago.” The setting for the next film will likely be Europe and while there is obviously no release date set yet, expect to hear more on the film very soon. Universal is no doubt very eager to push this one out.

I haven’t seen Fast Five yet but I do intend on it. I have to catch up though first. I stopped watching after number three so once I get around to seeing the fourth, I’ll definitely check out the fifth one, especially after all the positive buzz it’s been getting. For those of you who are fans of the series, where would you like to see them take it with the sixth film?