Kane Hodder Reveals Which Friday The 13th Movie Was His Favorite


When an enduring film franchise amasses as many entries as something like, say, Friday the 13th has, it can become rather difficult for one to choose their favorite movie amongst the pack. For some of you out there, you may be able to fire off your favorite the second after you’re asked, but others may have to think on it for a moment. Or, perhaps, there may be a tie in your view.

Having said that, I can only imagine how someone arrives at choosing a favorite when you actually appeared in one or several movies to have been included in a specific series. In the case of Kane Hodder, he had the good fortune of being able to play Jason Voorhees in four of the Friday films, but he did have some solid reasons for arriving at his answer.

When chatting with him this past weekend at Astronomicon, he thankfully revealed which was his favorite:

“Well, I loved playing the character every time, no doubt. But, overall, my favorite one that I did was Part VII because I think that’s the best look of Jason in basically any of the movies – but definitely the best look of the ones I did, I think, just because it was so different. It was like a rotted corpse and it hadn’t been that way before. It was always a human.”

Jason Friday the 13th Part VII

If you look at it from his perspective, he certainly has a point. While we may be accustomed to that look now, one can only wonder how shocking it appeared to those who were originally watching the saga unfold in theaters back in the day. Actually, it may still have the same effect on those binging on home video for the first time, come to think of it.

Tell us, was Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood also your favorite film in the series? Or is there another one that you love most? Let us know in the comments section below!