Kane Hodder Thinks There Should Be One More Friday The 13th Movie


As you may be aware, the Friday the 13th film series is currently in an unfortunate state of legal limbo.

Long story short, Victor Miller, screenwriter of the original movie, is attempting to take back the rights to the franchise. Basically, the worst case scenario would see all future Friday the 13th films released in the United States having to be made without the character of Jason Voorhees. On the flip side, movies made under that banner overseas can include him but are banned domestically.

Regardless of that possibly grim outcome, there are those of us holding out hope. In fact, Kane Hodder himself still has much love to show for his alma mater of sorts, hoping that the sun hasn’t set on the Friday flicks. In fact, he said this to me moments after expressing his desire to play Michael Myers during out recent conversation at Astronomicon:

“You’ve gotta do one more Friday movie, too. It’ll be the thirteenth one.”

Jason Takes Manhattan

Having laid it out like that, I have to agree with Hodder, thinking that not hitting that mark would be a missed opportunity. To draw a parallel, it’d be somewhat akin to when The Omen remake was released on June 6, 2006 (06-06-06).

To be honest, I did bring up the looming legal battle that’s going on, but he and I both felt that another picture would be possible, even without “Friday the 13th” in the title because, don’t forget, two of his films – Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday and Jason X – were technically bereft of it.

In other words, the brand recognition is already there and it’s entirely possible to title a movie “Jason” or “Jason Voorhees,” with people still being assured to turn out. In fact, I actually joked with him about the possibility of making the font of his name bigger than that of the title of the movie on a potential poster as if it were a Tom Clancy novel, to which he seemed amused.

Tell us, would you like to see another Friday the 13th movie so that the franchise can hit that numerical milestone, or would you rather see Jason remain at the bottom of Crystal Lake? Let us know in the usual place below!