Kanye West Now Building Star Wars Inspired Low-Income Housing


Kanye West has his fingers in a lot of pies, so to speak. Outside of his career as a hip hop artist and producer, the 21-time Grammy Award-winning musician keeps busy with his numerous business ventures. Over the past decade, he’s propelled himself into the world of fashion, and his line of sneakers have become one of the most influential footwear brands in the world. He’s also tried his hand in directing and acting, and in the last couple of years, he’s managed to insert himself into the political sphere, including a White House meeting with President Donald Trump.

Oh, and then there’s the matter of his Yeezy Home venture, a social housing project focused on affordable, concrete, prefabricated homes for low-income families. And as detailed in a recent interview conducted by Forbes (via MovieWeb), it seems like West has drawn inspiration from an unlikely source: the world of Star Wars.

The project is still a ways off of its end goal, but so far, Kanye and his team have already constructed a few prototypes. The prefab buildings are said to be inspired by Luke Skywalker’s childhood home on the desert planet of Tatooine. These concrete homes will be made for low-income families, and reportedly feature the same minimalist, austere aesthetic seen in George Lucas’ seminal 1977 film, complete with a dome shape and the potential for “natural light filtering in through the top.”

It’s not entirely clear if this project will ever make it to the market, but if it does, it could help solve some of the housing problems that plague thousands of families in the Los Angeles area, which is where Kanye currently resides with his wife, Kim Kardashian, and four children. We’ll have to see these homes for ourselves before we pass judgment, but we certainly can’t fault West for taking inspiration from one of our favorite series.