Kanye West Says He Loves Deadpool, Would’ve Given His Music To It


While his on-screen counterpart isn’t exactly the friendliest foul-mouthed mercenary, Ryan Reynolds doesn’t shy away from forging a lifelong friendship now and again, especially when the initiator is showering him with praise.

Earlier this year, the pride of Vancouver somehow managed to play nice with DC heroine, Gal Gadot, before making Guardians Of The Galaxy kingpin, James Gunn, his newest bestie. Now, it would seem that Reynolds has found himself another admirer thanks to the “big red body condom,” Kanye West.

During a Twitter rant this afternoon, West made it known that he loves “both Deadpool movies,” but was rather upset when he “heard tracks that sound similar” to his as he “would have cleared his music” for the Merc with a Mouth.

Of course, almost instinctively, Ryan didn’t take long to respond, confirming that he agreed and would be “having a word with Celine Dion.”

With the half-billion dollar mark distant in the rearview mirror, Deadpool 2 currently has the third position on the 2018 domestic gross chart ($280M) occupied, behind a pair of billion dollar-earning Marvel tentpoles, Avengers: Infinity War ($656M) and Black Panther ($699M).

Given that the David Leitch-directed flick was initially slated to open on June 1st, and was subsequently shuffled into perhaps the most hazardous window of release ever, between the aforementioned Infinity War and Solo: A Star Wars Story – precisely to avoid a box office clash with the latter, mind you – the near $300 million figure is something to gawk at.

Bafflingly though, despite the success of his latest R-rated farce, Reynolds doesn’t seem to keen on a threequel. But maybe, just maybe, a soundtrack from Yeezy will be enough to change his mind.

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