Kanye West Wants Danny McBride To Play Him In A Biopic


Kanye West has done a lot of strange things over the course of his storied career, but this might take the cake. The controversial rapper reportedly asked actor/screenwriter Danny McBride to play him in a proposed biopic. While nothing appears to currently be in motion, the idea is definitely both shocking and intriguing.

McBride explained to Jimmy Kimmel in a recent interview how the entire bizarre conversation came about, saying:

“I had a pretty interesting guest shortly after we moved there. One day I got a phone call out of nowhere and the voice sounded familiar, but I wasn’t sure who it was. I was like, ‘Hello?’ and he was like, ‘Hey, is Danny there?’ He was like, ‘This is Kanye West.’ I thought it was a joke. He basically said that he was a fan of mine and wanted to come hang out.”

How West got his hands on McBride’s number is anyone’s guess. Once the creative duo met up, they started to go over ideas. Even McBride though, whose scripts are often full of out-of-the-box plot twists, likely didn’t see this one coming:

“He had an idea for a project that I think was a pretty brilliant idea. He wanted to do a movie about the story of his life and he wanted me to play him… I thought it was a cool enough idea that I was like, ‘Yeah, I would love to hang out and talk about it,’ So, he came down there. We hung out. We went out on a boat. We just talked. He was awesome. It was the most incredible afternoon.”


The entire situation sounds more like a Saturday Night Live sketch than anything else. McBride and West look and sound literally nothing alike. The only way this movie would make any sense if it was a comical take on the musician’s life. Then again, it’s impossible to predict what either man would have in mind for the flick. There’s a good chance that it might just be a straightforward story of West’s life.

Either way, it would definitely be a must-see movie. The inevitable Kanye West biopic will be interesting no matter what, given all of his struggles and achievements. Sure, casting McBride in the main role would likely be a mess, but one that’s impossible to look away from.

The zany idea doesn’t sound like it’s anywhere close to happening, but it’s almost a guarantee that it would make a lot of money at the box office if it ever did come to fruition. In the meantime, Kanye West is continuing to put out music and promote his clothing line while Danny McBride is busy penning the scripts for Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends. Even if the two of them never end up collaborating, the image of the pudgy middle-aged Southerner playing the wild, profane rap icon is more than enough to keep fans satisfied for the time being.