Karen Gillan Would Love A Movie Based On Avengers: Endgame’s Fake Script

Avengers: Endgame

Given the hunger for info when it came to the highly-anticipated movie, security on Avengers: Endgame was so tight that the cast was only given access to their own parts and not the full storyline. What’s more, in order to keep spoilers to an absolute minimum, fake scripts were released that hid the real plot developments behind fictitious ones that were never intended to make it to the screen.

But, you know what, we bet even these fake scripts would have made one heck of a film. That’s what Endgame star Karen Gillan thinks, anyway. The Nebula actress caught up with ComicBook.com while promoting her latest blockbuster, Jumanji: The Next Leveland joked that she’d like to see a full movie based on the other screenplay.

“No, I didn’t know what was happening [on Endgame]. [On Jumanji] I get the whole thing. But you know, they wrote a fake script on Avengers: Endgame, so they would give out a script, but it wasn’t the real script! I want to see that script made into a movie. Can you imagine?”

To show the extent of how much Marvel keeps its stars in the dark, Gillan previously admitted just prior to Endgame‘s release that she had no idea how the movie would end. And she’s not alone in that, either – notorious blabbermouths Mark Ruffalo and Tom Holland were prevented from spoiling the conclusion as much as possible, though Ruffalo still managed it.

As for what the fake script actually contained, a featurette on the Avengers: Endgame Blu-Ray explained that mostly the other screenplay, as well as the one for Avengers: Infinity War, replaced the big shocking moments with alternate, less shocking scenes. So, for instance, Thor didn’t behead Thanos in the fake version but simply knocked him unconscious with a bump on the head. You can watch a comical animated reconstruction of that and other scenes here.