Karen Gillan Says Marvel Wouldn’t Give Her A Script For Avengers 4


It was well-documented that Marvel Studios were so keen on retaining plot details that they refused to give the mammoth cast of Avengers: Infinity War full scripts for the movie. Some – like Benedict Cumberbatch – believed they’d been allowed to read the real thing in its entirety, but it later came out that directors the Russo brothers had deployed fake scripts that they’d tricked the stars with.

It’s no surprise, then, that it seems they repeated the ruse for Avengers 4 as well. While attending ACE Comic-Con in Chicago this weekend, Karen Gillan revealed that she never received a script for next year’s big team-up movie beyond her own scenes, which means she’s almost in the same position as the fans are in terms of her knowledge of what’s to come. From what she knows about it, though, Gillan’s sure it’s going to be “pretty great.”

“I didn’t even get a script for the movie, so I’m looking forward to just seeing the movie and knowing what the hell is going on and how my scenes fit into the overall context. I think it’s gonna be pretty great, though.”

Following Thanos’ finger snap that wiped out half the universe, Gillan’s character Nebula was one of the few heroes left standing. As such, it’s thought that she’ll join together with the Avengers to go against the Mad Titan again. After all, not only does she still have her burning desire to kill her adoptive pops, but he also murdered her sister Gamora in Infinity War, so you can bet that she’ll do all she can to take him down.

Because of this, fans have Nebula right at the top of the list for characters who could be the one to defeat Thanos once and for all. Gillan herself actually revealed at this same event how she’d want Nebula to kill the villain. Alternatively, interesting fan theories suggest that maybe Nebula will sacrifice herself in a heroic, redemptive role instead. Either way, we’ll find out when Avengers 4 reaches cinemas next May.