Karen Gillan Reveals Which X-Men Character She’d Most Like To See In The MCU


Now that Avengers: Endgame is out in theaters, fans will be turning their attention more than ever to the next era of the superhero saga, and in particular, many will be wondering how Marvel Studios plans to make use of their newly acquired Fox characters.

So far, Kevin Feige and his team have remained fairly tight-lipped on the matter. In a recent interview with Variety, however, actress Karen Gillan revealed which X-Men character she’d most like to see join the MCU:

“Mystique! So that we can talk about having blue prosthetics on all the time.”

Nebula aside, it’s true that Fox’s X-Men universe practically has a monopoly on blue-skinned comic book characters these days. At the moment, the role of Mystique is being handled by Jennifer Lawrence, who’s previously expressed her distaste for the blue paint she has to wear in her role. Indeed, even Gillan can look at Lawrence’s makeup process and feel that her own prosthetics aren’t so bad:

“I truthfully would watch the behind-the-scenes videos of her getting her makeup done while I was getting my makeup done to make me feel like it wasn’t so bad. I was like, ‘Well, look at what she went through! This is only from the neck up.’

“It’s just a feeling of like claustrophobia … because I’m completely enclosed, it’s a second skin that’s glued to me, it’s not painted. It’s like a skin, and it’s all over. So I can’t really move my face very much. It’s a weird sensation. It’s one that isn’t the nicest of sensations, but it does look really cool and it does help with the character. … I think it’s keeping me from overacting!”

Gillan may not be particularly comfortable under all those prosthetics, but the recent Avengers: Endgame suggests that she isn’t finished with the franchise just yet. In particular, it’s implied that Nebula will return for the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, which reportedly starts filming in 2021.

As for when we might see the first X-Men in the MCU, Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige recently told io9 that it will be “a very long time.” In fact, the producer claimed that Marvel’s next five years had already been mapped out before the Disney/Fox merger came into effect. But while the inevitable reboot of the mutant saga could still be a good few years away, we can expect to see Lawrence in her Mystique makeup one last time when Dark Phoenix hits theaters on June 7th.

Source: CinemaBlend