Karen Gillan Would Like To Star In A Scream Reboot


If you thought that Karen Gillan was finished checking off boxes of top pop culture franchises to have starred in, well, you’d be wrong. Having already seriously boosted her geek cred by appearing in the likes of Doctor Who and Guardians of the Galaxy, the fan favorite actress seemingly has more landscapes to conquer.

In a recent discussion with Gamespot, the Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle star was asked which other film franchise from the 1990’s she’d like to help reboot, answering with Scream:

“I think probably remaking Scream–to play the killer in Scream! I just have this idea that it would be so funny to have like, a really Scottish girl on the end of the phone. Like, ‘What’s your favorite scary movie?’

“I do like a ’90s process-of-elimination teenage slasher movie… Scream, I Know What You Did Last Summer.”

Karen Gillan

As a longtime fan of that particular series, I have to agree with her in saying that being the one who ultimately unmasks at the end of a given flick is probably the best gig one could land. Granted, some of you might contend by saying that stalwart final girl Sidney Prescott is where it’s at – and you’d have a valid point – but ol’ Ghostface is downright iconic, no matter whom it may be.

Now, the first two seasons of MTV’s crack at the bat may have changed the killer’s look, but the DNA was still there, proving that Scream can indeed live on without Sidney. Furthermore, season 3 will examine the concept from an entirely new perspective, even if the classic Ghostface mask is making a return.

Personally, I’d be up for seeing a true reboot of the film franchise before long. Yes, Scream 4 may have flopped, but odds are that the TV show won’t live on for much longer, thus providing an opening for a return to cinemas. If so, it may be best to start from scratch with a completely new cast of characters, preserving the “whodunit” element we’ve come to expect. Again, the intrinsic qualities that make up Scream can remain; you need only change the pieces on the board.