Karl Urban Gives Fans Hope For A Dredd 2


By all accounts, 2012’s Dredd was one of the most faithful comic book adaptations committed to screen. Avoiding the usual attempts at watering down subject matter for a PG-13 rating, Dredd went whole-hog, allowing for a high body count and rough action in dystopic wasteland. It was dark, it was bloody, and it was a massive box-office failure. But fans of the film still hold out for a Dredd 2, and now star Karl Urban has given them a glimmer of hope.

During the “Destination Star Trek” event in Frankfurt (via Screen Rant), Urban fielded questions about the problems behind Dredd and the possibilities of Dredd 2. He frankly admits what fans have been saying all along: that the marketing campaign on Dredd left a lot to be desired, and failed to garner the kind of interest that most comic book films can now depend on.

But all is not lost when it comes to a sequel, or so Urban seems to indicate.  He mentioned that “conversations” are taking place about a Dredd 2, using language that he has not used in the past. He seems to be entirely behind appearing in a sequel if Lionsgate will back it. The same enthusiasm goes for Alex Garland, Dredd’s writer/producer. Garland has previously stated that he has the idea for a trilogy in place – but again, the films need the support of a studio.

Given the cult status achieved by Dredd post-theatrical release – including a continuing rise in DVD sales – there’s a strong possibility that Lionsgate and the British studio DNA Films will see what an opportunity they have in the franchise. A poor marketing strategy certainly hurt Dredd’s potential box office take. Speaking only for myself, I was barely aware of the film when it was released, and then only associated it with the 1995 Judge Dredd starring Sylvester Stallone, to which it bears little actual resemblance in tone or content. With a better marketing campaign in place a second time around, Dredd 2 could do a great deal to up the ante for serious and violent comic book films in the cinemas.

What do you think of the potential for a Dredd sequel? Does Dredd 2 sound like it will fly, or is it a failing proposition? Let us know in the comments section.

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