Karl Urban Keeping His Fingers Crossed For Quentin Tarantino’s Star Trek


While Star Trek 4 seems to have hit a brick wall, another – and much more surprising – Star Trek film is moving forward instead. As you’ve surely heard, Quentin Tarantino has signed up to direct an R-rated movie set in the Kelvin timeline of the Trek universe, complete with the modern cast.

While this is an intriguing development for fans of the filmmaker, Trek lovers might be somewhat apprehensive about the Pulp Fiction director getting his hands on the beloved sci-fi franchise. I mean, should we expect Samuel L. Jackson to stop by and drop a load of F-bombs? And is Michael Madsen going to chop a Klingon’s ear off?

Those are the questions we still need answers to, but unfortunately, Karl Urban – who’s played Bones since 2009’s Star Trek – isn’t spilling anything. Though not because he doesn’t want to. Rather, he just doesn’t know yet what’s going on with the project. Speaking at a recent convention appearance, here’s what he had to offer up:

“You know what? You have as much information as I do,” Urban said. “All I can really say is that if it does happen, I’d be thrilled to be a part of it and fingers crossed that it is going to happen. And really beyond that, I have heard nothing further about any developments on that front. I know he’s directing Once Upon a Time In Hollywood at the moment so he’s going to shoot that, do the post-production on that. So any prospective Tarantino movie is a little bit of a distance but I think it would be grand, I’d love to do it.”

Now, before you start getting too excited for QT’s Trek, remember that fellow Kelvin timeline actor Simon Pegg recently said that it may take 5 or 6 years for the movie to materialize due to Tarantino’s incredibly busy schedule. We’re hopeful that he finds some time to step into the world of Star Trek a lot sooner than that, though.

As mentioned above, the fourth installment in the mainline series is currently in a state of flux and though CBS is currently pumping out quite a bit to keep Trekkies occupied when it comes to television, we’d love to see the franchise back on the big screen in the near future. So, with any luck, Paramount will figure all this out and give us another theatrical Star Trek experience sometime soon.

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