Karl Urban Urges Fans To Launch Kickstarter For Dredd Sequel


In a Hollywood landscape populated by sequels, franchises, and multiple reboots, it’s amazing that a sequel to 2010’s comic book adaptation Dredd has been unable to gain traction. Dredd has everything that Hollywood could ask for: a comic book universe, a morally questionable main character, sexy and badass women, and lots of violence. But poor marketing killed Dredd at the box office and, despite achieving cult status via DVD and streaming, a sequel has remained a distant pipe dream.

No one loves Dredd more than star Karl Urban, and he uses every panel appearance he makes to push the film. At a recent panel discussion at Motor City Comic Con, Urban mentioned that the entire experience of Dredd was a lot of fun for him; aside from the bulky and hot costume, that is. While Urban has always kept the idea of a Dredd sequel on the table, he’s also just as uncertain as everyone else about it ever happening. He did urge fans to start a Kickstarter for the film though, saying that he will not turn down a sequel.

The idea of a fan Kickstarter for Dredd 2 is a good one, actually, and there are quite a few die-hard fans that I’m sure would contribute. Dredd was one of the best comic book adaptations in recent memory, digging deep into the violence and ethically dubious positions of its main characters in a way that is usually only given a passing glance in mainstream adaptations. To delve even deeper into that world and examine the disturbing fascistic undertones of the character of Judge Dredd would be a great project. I’d certainly rather contribute to making that happen than assisting Zach Braff in his filmmaking endeavors.

For now, we can at least hold out hope that someone, somewhere, will be willing to fund the Dredd sequel, and that Karl Urban will get to put that uncomfortable mask back on.