Kat Dennings Is On The Road To Recovery In To Write Love On Her Arms Trailer


To Write Love On Her Arms, the upcoming drama from director Nathan Frankowski, takes its inspiration from the real not-for-profit titular organization. Their mission statement since inception has been to assist those struggling with addiction, self-harm, suicidal thoughts and depression. In this mix of fantasy and reality, the charity’s formative years are explored as youngster Renee grapples with the dark side of life.

Leading the pack as the troubled teen is Kat Dennings, whose big screen exploits have taken a backseat to her more chipper TV presence. For this sombre tale, Dennings leaves behind the canned laughter antics of 2 Broke Girls to venture down a long, difficult path to a happier life. It’s during her journey that she is prompted to start the charity, and this is where the facts and the fiction merge a little.

As enticing as the story may sound – particularly after reading the official synopsis from Sony – the trailer itself is a run-of-the-mill affair. It’s intriguing to try and figure out the time scale of the entire film judging by Dennings’ rapidly-changing hairstyle, and what the central premise actually is. Still, the preview starts with a great deal or promise, so we can only hope that it’s just a quirky trailer cut that’s to blame and not the finished product.

To Write Love On Her Arms opens in the U.S. in March 2015.

“Based on the true story that started a global movement, To Write Love on Her Arms presents a vision of hope, healing and redemption. Emmy® Award winner Kat Dennings (2 Broke Girls) stars as Renee, a Florida girl who struggles with addiction and abuse. In a creative blend of artistic fantasy and music conflicted with hard reality, Renee discovers the value of genuine friendships and embarks on a daunting yet courageous journey towards recovery. The film also stars Chad Michael Murray, Rupert Friend and Corbin Bleu.”