Kat Dennings Can’t Wait To See Natalie Portman Become Thor In Love And Thunder

thor love thunder portman

Kat Dennings’ Darcy Lewis is one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s more divisive supporting characters, and if you didn’t enjoy her presence in Thor and sequel The Dark World, then her return in WandaVision isn’t going to change your mind. The actress seamlessly slips back into the role of the former research assistant turned fully qualified doctor of astrophysics, cracking the code behind WestView and quickly becoming hugely emotionally invested in the adventures of the two title characters, just like the rest of us.

Darcy was one of the more surprising returnees to the MCU having been absent from the franchise for close to a decade, but in the space of one episode, her role has proven to be pivotal in both tying WandaVision to the real world and providing more connective tissue throughout the franchise. Despite making a comeback on the small screen, though, Dennings won’t be returning for Thor: Love and Thunder, which recently kicked off shooting in Australia.

However, the 34 year-old is still hugely enthusiastic at the prospect of seeing her former colleague and longtime friend Natalie Portman become a superhero, with Jane Foster set to inherit the mantle of Thor from Chris Hemsworth’s Odinson.

“I haven’t talked to her about it but I am very excited. And also even if I were to ask, she couldn’t tell him anything anyways. So, as a fan of Natalie and as a fan of the franchise, I cannot wait to see it.”

Set photos have already started leaking out form the set of Love and Thunder, but as of yet, there’s been no sign of Portman as the God of Thunder continues to hang out with the Guardians of the Galaxy. She’s already admitted her skepticism at trying to play a superhero while standing next to the hulking Chris Hemsworth, but as an Academy Award winning actress, it isn’t like she doesn’t have the chops to pull it off convincingly.