Kate Mara Says The Fantastic Four Reboot Won’t Be Based On Comics

Based on Mara’s comments, it seems like Trank is really placing his own stamp on the material here. That’s not all too surprising, especially considering 20th Century Fox has taken a similar approach to the X-Men franchise. Not until The Wolverine and Days of Future Past did the films really base themselves off of the previous source material. Sure, they mined bits and pieces from the comic books, but overall, their stories were completely separate entities.

Whether or not that helped the films is up for debate, but it’s definitely not a new approach. Even Christopher Nolan’s critically lauded Dark Knight trilogy strayed away from the stories that came before. So, it can be done, and it can certainly be done well, so let’s not allow what Mara said to throw up any red flags just yet.

Economically, it also makes sense to stray away from the Fantastic Four books a bit. Not only is there a big, controversial shakedown happening at Marvel Comics right now concerning the FF, but their comics haven’t exactly been that lucrative. In fact, they’ve been some of the lowest-selling books for some time, so it’s debatable whether or not the material is that important to moviegoers anyway.

In any case, 20th Century Fox is expected to bring this new film to Comic-Con next week, so we should expect to hear a lot more about Trank’s ideas for the property soon. In the meantime, let us know how you feel about Mara’s comments below.

The Fantastic Four hits theaters on June 19th, 2015.

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  1. Normsays:

    You just know when something is going to be bad.. and this is going to be so bad.

  2. Jon M'Shullasays:

    No one cares Kate. We know it will not be cased on the comic. It is based on complete crap. The cast is crap. The story is crap. The director is crap. And it will bomb big time!

    Boycott. Save your money.

    1. Uncle Punchiesays:

      I agree with everything you just factually stated!

  3. James Uchrinsays:

    This movie is already going down in flames and it hasn’t even been made yet.

    1. srtsays:

      You are completely correct, James. Everyone KNOWS this movie is going to be a flop. It’s unbelievable how Hollywood will just throw money away instead of taking the pulse of the fans they are trying to get

  4. Belellsays:

    why would you base it on the comic book? after all, when you build a house, you don’t REALLY need to put it on foundation designed for it. Fox really has zero clue. one more comic book movie that will be shit.

  5. hbk72777says:

    The stupidest thing I’ve ever heard

  6. Quaishaunsays:

    This is ridiculous.

  7. Aj Galeckisays:

    It’s important this movie bombs for several reasons. Fox owns this movie rights, and when it bombs they will sell the rights to Marvel/Disney where they belong. Marvel/Disney has a great team of writers and an intertwined Universe unlike anything seen before in cinema.
    Boycott Spider-Man and Fantastic Four when they are released. Not only because they suck, but so they will sell the rights back to Marvel/Disney where they belong!

    1. David M.says:

      I don’t think the Spider-man movies have sucked, so I won’t boycott them. I do think this movie seems like it’s not going to be good, and it would be great if Marvel could get the rights back, but it’s not that easy for them either.

      1. Johnsays:

        if the movie makes, sony or fox wont sell their rights, and marvel wont get them back , hence the boycott. and yes the spider-man movies weren’t bad but they retread so much material and ruined so many villains , i’m just fatigued, plus when captain A makes more money then spidey , there’s something wrong

      2. Sinjunsays:

        if it makes it will be a miracle sine they are pulling all the worst elements of the fantastic four to make a movie.. ie the Ultimate fantastic four.

    2. Sinjunsays:

      Fox would get more money from selling the Franchise before it becomes a bomb not after. A failed movie lowers the value since Marvel has proven they can make great movies without the Fantastic Four.

    3. davesays:

      Marvel wont even have to buy the rights back. If this movie bombs, which is becoming more and more likely, Fox wont want to make another one and the rights will revert back to Marvel just like they did with Daredevil.

  8. TheaterG33ksays:

    This movie should not even be happening. I would rather watch the Roger Corman FF movie.

    1. Erick Torres-Ronquillosays:

      I agree. The movie was better in a sense that they followed the comic book and the actors portrayed the cast just like they were in the comics.

  9. Arnold Palmersays:

    I’m confused, Marvel has never been bigger yet they continue to make huge mistakes that is sure to alienate their core audience. Not only is there this piece of garbage being made, with a black Human Torch(explain that), now Thor is a woman, Captain America is black, Ms. Marvel is a Muslim and X-Men are gay. WTH is going on over at Marvel?

  10. AL SMALLSsays:


  11. Milosays:

    Let me know when Marvel gets the rights back, then I will care (and spend my money on a FF movie again).

  12. Common Sensesays:

    If it’s not based on the comics why call it the Fantastic Four? Want to revamp the cast fine, Want a mixed ethnicity fine but don’t have a black Johnny Storm and a white Sue Storm when the entire comic book series they were both white not to mention SIBLINGS. Make new comic book heroes and new story lines. There’s no reason to change something that’s been a tried and true formula and storyline. Ya cant have too many superheroes so let the writers come up with new ones instead of trying to diversify the existing ones.

  13. Kev8464says:

    I hope it bombs

  14. boydsays:

    I have not seen her nor her sister smile yet in a movie

    1. boywithbluehangersays:

      They’re Skrull. It hurts to smile.

  15. Wynstonesays:

    So it’s not “The Fantastic Four” if it’s not based on the comic. It is “A Fantastic Four” that you’ve never seen and probably won’t like. Reed Richards is supposed to be a premier super scientist, not a frat brother on spring break. They cast him too young.

  16. Mark Machadosays:

    She sounds about right for the part. About what I expect from this movie. Why base a comic book movie on the comic book right? This is going to be a disaster.

  17. Barth Gimballsays:

    I thought the first tow FF movies were great. They should just continue that storyline, although they may have to get a new actor to play Johnny Storm.

  18. Negative_Returnsays:

    The Fantastic Fucks

    1. Uncle Punchiesays:


  19. Johnsays:

    “Not until The Wolverine and Days of Future Past did the films really base themselves off of the previous source material” the 2 best x-men movies were based on the comics, what a novel idea i dont think that will ever work again , better make galactis a cloud , or mush 7 villains into one and kill him off so they can never use any of those villains again. they really seem like they dont want me to give them my money

  20. Jason Walkersays:

    This movie has received nothing but negative buzz. I’m amazed that Fox is pushing forward with it. The only similarity this movie sounds like it will have is names and powers but I’m pretty sure that it is shaping up to be an action movie with characters that we’ve heard of before rather than a movie in the spirit of the Fantastic Four. Kind of like GI-Joe Retaliation which felt like a Flat action movie for the Rock that happened to have Snake Eyes in it. It will be mediocre and poorly received and would be better off just being a generic superhero movie that pays homage to the fantastic four without crapping on the brand.
    Reed Richards is integral to a lot of the decent storylines that have come out of 20th century marvel so they really need to get their hands back on the rights to these characters.

  21. Tom Orchardsays:

    Just pull the plug already. This film is already a bigger train wreck than the first 2 and it hasn’t even hit the screen yet. By the time the smoke clears and the dust settles on this one, not even Marvel will want to touch the rights to another FF movie.

  22. Ralph Mangualsays:

    A movie about characters from a comic book won’t be based on comics… I gotta say, that’s about as stupid as a person can sound… She clearly isn’t the sharpest tool in the Mara Family shed…
    Now, I’m going to go have a lunch not based on food…

  23. Ralph Mangualsays:

    This “movie” that isn’t based on anything, per Kate Mara, who does about as much prep for her job as a fluffer at a porn shoot apparently, is going to make about 12.00….

  24. Sinjunsays:

    well officially down in flames not that we needed help knowing the director could have cared less about the comics. just sounds like they want to spit in Disney/marvel’s face. if it wasn’t going to borrow anything from the comic why not just make an original movie.

  25. crass73says:

    Talk about missing the zeitgeist. Everyone knows that the way to make
    your comic book movie successful is to be faithful to the source
    material and, more importantly, VET IT WITH THE FANS! The fools behind
    this film have done exactly the opposite. >sigh<. What sucks is,
    while I hope the film tanks miserably, I'm afraid it will derail for
    years any future F.F. movie. I want so badly to see a decent treatment
    of these seminal Marvel characters…

  26. uatu13says:

    We know, it won’t be based on comics, but the taco-bell induced diarrhea farts that come out the brains of Josh Trank. Fuck this movie, I hope it horribly bombs and marvel gets the rights back ASAP!

  27. FOX FOUR
    (Independence Day ; )

    A lot of good comments here!

    For someone who owns every Fantastic Four they REALLY s.u.c.k telling the story this time. (Johnny and Sue going to be an item? PROBABLY!!!!)

    Bring it back to Marvel and have the villain = Molecule Man lolz

  28. Wes Smithsays:

    Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. There’s no way I’ll got to see this in the theater.

  29. The Howlersays:

    Yeah, what’s the sense of using well over 60 years of resource material to do a comic book movie. Just go your own way and see how fast this movie will tank.
    This movie is a dead stick
    The casting. The storyline. Etc.
    Save your money people. This crap is going straight to cable.

  30. Jeffsays:

    With a Black Johnny Storm this movie has already failed…

  31. Johnsays:

    Ok now I’m probably going to go see this because I love superhero movies but it seems like they have to try to get a gay character or a black character in every movie but the black character in this movie doesn’t make sense kate Mara is white but the guy playing her brother is black

  32. C. G. Craytonsays:

    Most of the Marvel character rights owned by other studios are in terrible films. It makes you wonder, who”greenlights” these horrible movies lol?

  33. funwithanerdsays:

    Thanks Kate, and I won’t be in the audience watching it. “A Plague on the House of Fox Studios”. I hope this movie tanks really badly so that Marvel can get control of FF back.

  34. Christian Dixonsays:

    When they say it’s not based on the comics, doesn’t that mean they are just writing a new story arc for this movie in particular?

  35. Raging Fanboysays:

    People seem to forget that not every movie Marvel Studios makes is fucking amazing either. I mean, Iron Man 3 was an abomination, and Thor 2 wasn’t that great either. People complained about Days of Future Past the same way, and now the same people are talking about how it’s “the greatest X-Men movie ever made.” This movie will be the same way. Some fans just put on their nostalgia goggles and it keeps them blinded to a movie that could go either way. I have faith in this movie, and I love the FF.

  36. Raging Fanboysays:

    And for all we know, the director could be lying so that we won’t know which storylines this movie follows for inspiration. Jesus, I didn’t know that people had seen and critiqued this movie already.

  37. Alan Martinsays:

    its Racist VOMIT and this piece of shit can denigrate herself however she wants…but needs to keep her mouth shut as no one else needs to.

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