Katee Sackhoff To Become Expendable

Katee Sackhoff is now the second actress confirmed for the film being dubbed as the female version of The Expendables. Sackhoff, known for her role as Kara “Starbuck” Thrace in Battlestar Galactica will join Gina Carano, star of Steven Soderbergh’s brainy actioner, Haywire, in the film.

Producer Adi Shankar, who will finance the film through his 1984 Private Defense Contractors moniker, said of Sackhoff’s casting: “If you spend five minutes with Katee it becomes blatantly obvious that she would pwn [sic] most male action stars.”

With a statement that broad it leaves one to wonder if that means we’ll witness Sackhoff grabbing her balls and walking away calmly from big explosions.

Today’s casting news was announced by Variety who added that “several prominent actresses affiliated with the action genre continue to circle the project,” which suggests that no matter how much audiences may want to see Meryl Streep holster heat and don fatigues, it is unlikely.

Milla Jovovich would be a suitable candidate as she’s well versed in strapping up her boots and kicking arse, but this writer would like to see unconventional casting choices in what could be a killer ensemble.

While the project’s writer has a name which sounds like a knock-off whiskey, Dutch Southern, there is still no director attached. Regardless, it is going to be interesting to find out who signs onto the film next.

What do you make of Katee Sackhoff as the latest addition to this intriguing new picture? Have your say in the comments below.

Source:  Cinema Blend