Katheryn Winnick Teases A Role As Black Canary In The DCEU


As Bruce and Diana say at the end of Justice League, there are always “room for more” heroes to join DC’s super-friends team in future movies. And while we don’t have exact confirmation on who else may be recruited into the League, one of the characters fans most want to see in a sequel is Dinah Lance AKA Black Canary, the squad’s second major female member after Wonder Woman. Even the JL cast themselves have backed the idea.

Luckily, the perfect candidate for the part has already been decided upon, as fans are constantly crying out for Warner Bros. to sign up Katheryn Winnick (just look at BossLogic’s art below). Previously, the actress seemed into taking on the role when asked about it and it looks like she’s still game to try out her Canary Cry, at least going by a recent Tweet.

During a Q&A with her fans on Twitter, Winnick responded to one question asking her if she’d be up for appearing in a comic book movie. To remove any room for doubt over what role the fan wanted her to play, the question came attached with an animated GIF of Black Canary. Winnick responded with an excited, “Bring it on!”

While we’ve heard nothing official about Dinah Lance joining the DCEU, there are multiple avenues open for her to enter the franchise. Apart from a potential Justice League 2, there’s also BatgirlGotham City Sirens or, best of all, Margot Robbie’s other Harley Quinn movie, which sounds like it’s based around the Birds of Prey – of which Dinah is a founding member. With a fan favourite actress willing to play the role, let’s hope DC sets about signing Winnick up soon.

Of course, where there’s Black Canary, her comic book husband Green Arrow is sure to follow. Just recently, Arrow star Stephen Amell said he would love to crossover to the DCEU to reprise his role as Oliver Queen. If that’s not possible though, then maybe the studio can give Charlie Hunnam a call?

Tell us, would you like to see Katheryn Winnick as the DCEU’s Black Canary? If not, what other actress do you have in mind for the role? Leave your fan cast in the comments section down below.