Katie Holmes And Chace Crawford Cast In Responsible Adults

Katie Holmes and Chace Crawford will co-star in the indie romantic comedy Responsible Adults. John Poll (Charlie Bartlett) is set to direct the film for Knight and Day Pictures, with Michael Roiff and Julie Yorn (The Exorcism of Emily Rose) producing.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Holmes will play a 30-year-old medical student who falls for a younger man (Crawford). The sparks fly until she realizes she met him before fifteen years earlier, as his babysitter.

Crawford has played the pretty-boy in films like The Covenant, and his most recent work has been on the TV night-time soap Gossip Girl. Holmes is best known for being the wife of zany actor Tom Cruise. She’s also given plenty of one-note performances in duds like Abandon and Teaching Mrs. Tingle. Thus far, I’m not super excited about the casting for Responsible Adults.

The script is penned by actor/screenwriter Alex Schemmer. Schemmer is another unproven entity as this is his first screenplay, and he’s done mostly TV work. International rights to Responsible Adults are being shopped around at Cannes right now, and production is slated for this fall.