Katie Holmes Takes Up Arms In Miss Meadows Trailer


miss meadows

Is Katie Holmes the most unlikely vigilante yet? In Miss Meadows, which premiered at Tribeca earlier this year and will be arriving in theaters this November, the Batman Begins actress steps up to fight some crime herself – albeit while clad in tap shoes and garishly flowery dresses. The first trailer for the pic paints it as a bizarre cross between Mary Poppins and Hobo with a Shotgun – though the thriller doesn’t totally appear to have mastered that tonally bizarre combo.

The brief trailer shows Miss Meadows as a prim and proper elementary school teacher who enjoys teaching manners to her pupils… when she’s not blowing out the brains of her town’s miscreants. It’s a one-joke premise (how’s that for a split personality?!), but with James Badge Dale and Callan Mulvery in the supporting cast, perhaps Miss Meadows will be enjoyable from an acting standpoint. Then again, whether Holmes is in on the joke remains unclear. She appears to be mining the character’s scarred psyche for every ounce of drama.

Tell us, what do you think of this trailer? Is Miss Meadows worth a watch, or does it look too unwieldly for your liking? The flick opens November 14th.

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