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Katy Perry Fans Petition For Her To Sing “E.T.” At The Area 51 Raid

Katy Perry fans have taken to Twitter to ask the pop star if she'd be willing to sing "E.T." at the Area 51 raid later this year.


What started out as a (hopefully) gag Facebook event has turned into one of the hottest, most dangerous, and most bizarre stories on the internet. According to the original page, the number of people who plan on storming Area 51 – the long-suspected location of government alien research – later this year has now reached over 1.7 million.

In the short amount of time since the story’s surfaced, social media’s been set on fire, and according to The Washington Post, many of the hotels surrounding the Nevada town have already been booked. While it’s alarming that there’s at least a tiny percentage of people who take this call to action seriously (I mean come on, they’re asking you to Naruto run through a locked military site), there’ve been some interesting developments popping up on the internet. And the latest comes in the form of a strange request.

It seems that fans of Katy Perry have been petitioning (via Twitter) to have the major pop star perform her song “E.T.” at the raid. You can check out some of the outrageous tweets yourself below.

The “Teenage Dream” singer has yet to respond to the invitation. But given the fact that she has the most Twitter followers of anybody in the entire world (107.7 million, about 500,000 more than former President Barack Obama), it’s unlikely she hasn’t heard about it.

And if common sense means anything anymore, hopefully Perry won’t be joining whoever else shows up to Area 51. The Air Force has gone as far as acknowledging the event, and actually warning people against it. Fill in the blank yourself, but you know what that means from my particular perspective? Count me out.