Keanu Reeves Is Definitely Back In This Action-Packed Final Trailer For John Wick


Keanu Reeves’ latest actioner sounds like your typical by-the-numbers American action romp. What can we say? It’s a genre that’s bordering on stale right now, with so many popular kinetic franchises suffering the dreaded sequelitis. This is where John Wick steps in. Or should we say, steps on, the competition. Proof that there’s life in the old gal yet, this final trailer for the movie should have you gearing up to check it out at the end of October.

On the back of a stellar reception at Fantastic Fest, the movie has gone from quiet sleeper to a highly-anticipated title. The dearth of publicity material prior to… last week, might have something to do with that. In light of the positive critical reaction, Lionsgate have stepped up their marketing game now. After the release of the first trailer had us teary-eyed when someone tampered with Keanu’s puppy, this next preview pulls out all the stops.

There’s a hint of blackish comedy to the proceedings, namely in Reeves’ dialogue. Bullets fly, butts get kicked, and there’s a hot babe brandishing a gun. Helmed by legendary stunt coordinator Chad Stahelski, the glimpses we get of the fight scenes look just plain badass.

This could possibly be the first post-Matrix movie to put Reeves back on the map. Granted, he’s committed some of his most original work to date since then – A Scanner Darkly, to name one – but it’s the grisly action where he truly gets to shine.

John Wick lands in theatres on October 24th.

Source: Lionsgate