Here’s How Keanu Reeves Could Look As The DCEU’s Deathstroke


To be honest, we don’t deserve Keanu Reeves. The man’s an unambiguous source of good in the world, brightening the lives of those around him and bringing much joy to his millions of fans around the globe. For proof of that, one need not look any further than the rapturous reception he received when he made a surprise appearance at Microsoft’s E3 press conference, causing a starstruck fan to yell “You’re breathtaking” at him.

This recent career uptick has been dubbed the Keanuaissance and it all began with the snowballing popularity of the John Wick franchise, which led to a hilarious self-deprecating role in Netflix’s Always Be My Maybe and several high profile projects coming down the pipeline, like Pixar’s Toy Story 4 and, of course, Bill & Ted Face the Music.

But the real question on everyone’s mind is when will Reeves take a dive into the superhero genre, be it either via the MCU or DCEU? Well, that remains to be seen, but digital artist BossLogic has now given us a pretty good idea of how the actor could look in the role of Deathstroke, should Warner Bros. ever need to replace Joe Manganiello – which at this point, it seems like they might given that they’re trying to sweep everything Justice League-related under the rug.

So, could this ever happen? Well, we’d like it to, but at this point, Keanu Reeves playing Deathstroke seems like a pipe dream at best. Though the studio once had big plans for the character, those seem to have fallen apart and as far as we know, he won’t be appearing in any upcoming DCEU movies.

Furthermore, Titans will be featuring Deathstroke in its upcoming season season and there’s also an animated series in the works for Slade Wilson, too. As such, the risk of over-saturation is high and it might be best to just give the fan favorite a rest on the big screen for a bit before bringing him back. But when they do – and we imagine they will – if for some reason Manganiello has moved on, Reeves would certainly be a worthy replacement.

Source: BossLogic