Keanu Reeves on why the ‘John Wick’ director has a ‘Matrix Resurrections’ role

john wick
Image via Summit Entertainment

Before John Wick became a cultural phenomenon, director Chad Stahelski was known as one of the best stunt doubles, coordinators, and directors in the business. His biggest claim to fame was as Keanu Reeves‘ stunt double in The Matrix films. Those films required heavy stunt work, so Stahelski played a large role in its success.

With The Matrix Resurrections coming out, Stahelski will be in front of the camera once again, but not as Reeves’ stunt double.

This time, Stahelski has an acting role. The director will be playing the role of “Handsome Chad.” There aren’t many details on what the role will entail other than that he’ll be playing Trinity’s husband in the Matrix.

Reeves remains very close with Stahelski as they’ve collaborated frequently for over two decades now. Speaking with Collider, Reeves had a chance to discuss Stahelski appearing in the film and his relationship with director Lana Wachowski.

“I think that [Stahelski and Wachowski] have a real affection for each other, and I know that Chad always describes going to Wachowski film school,” Reeves said. “Chad was my stunt double on the trilogy, and I think that Lana, the director, and writer, appreciates Chad and his filmmaking. And there was a lot that Lana was trying to interweave in terms of life and art for all of the people in the film and artists in the film. And I think for her, it gave her a chuckle that Chad was the husband to Trinity’s Matrix counterpart.”

Wachowski’s influence on Stahelski is evident in the John Wick films. They are both action series that emphasize the action being clear and impactful instead of choppy and chaotic. So it makes sense to keep Stahelski involved with The Matrix Resurrections as he played a significant role in why the original films were so iconic.

Stahelski’s role as “Handsome Chad” will probably be limited, but it would be fun to see him show off some of his ability as a stuntman.