Keanu Reeves Has A Secret Role In Toy Story 4


Just one month after delivering the highly anticipated conclusion to the John Wick trilogy, Keanu Reeves will be returning to theaters once again in a rather more family-friendly sequel, with the news breaking last night that the Matrix star has a part in Pixar’s Toy Story 4.

Actor Tim Allen revealed as much when he appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, saying that Reeves has a great role as a character who’s somehow reminiscent of a certain space traveller.

“New guys are in it,” Allen began. “Keanu Reeves has got a great part in it. Inside story, even the fun, gentle guy that he is, even he said, ‘This sounds too much like Buzz Lightyear.’ And his character does have an edge to that.”

Reeves won’t be the only familiar newcomer to provide his pipes for the first Toy Story since 2010. A clip released earlier this month, for instance, introduced us to Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as a pair of carnival prizes who join Woody and his friends for at least part of their latest road trip.

Meanwhile, given an even more prominent spot in the film’s first trailer was Tony Hale as Forky. This jittery plastic fork looks to be experiencing an existential crisis about whether he even is a toy, and based on an early synopsis we’ve received for the pic, he could be playing a prominent part in the story.

Plot details are otherwise in short supply right now, but Allen has previously indicated that we’re in for an emotional ride, claiming that he struggled to even get through the movie’s final scene. He also made the curious comparison between this new film and Avengers: Infinity War, though this sounds to be more a matter of structural similarities than anything bigger.   

In any case, we’ll find out what’s in store for the old gang, and how Reeves factors into all of it, when Toy Story 4 hits theaters on June 21st, 2019,