Keanu Reeves Looks Totally Unrecognizable In New Bill & Ted Face The Music Set Photo

Bill and Ted 3

If you were to hand out an award for “Sequel Nobody Asked For,” there’s a good chance that Bill & Ted Face The Music would take home the top prize. Now don’t get me wrong, I was a big fan of Excellent Adventure – I’m just a bit confused as to how a third entry in the franchise got greenlit in the first place.

If we’re being honest, there are a lot more memorable properties from the ’80s and ’90s that are ripe for a revival. Still, nostalgia is a powerful force, and it’s entirely likely execs are banking on longtime fans – and the so-called Keanussance – to drive ticket sales here.

Bill & Ted Face The Music started filming early in July, with both Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter reprising their roles as the titular slackers, who are, yet again, tasked with saving the universe. Just last week, we got our first look at Death (the character) as played by William Sadler, and a few days ago, Entertainment Tonight Canada shared an Instagram post of Keanu Reeves, who’s looking a little different compared to his usual appearance.

As you can see above, this particular snapshot is a stark contrast to previous set photos. We’re not entirely sure what kind of look Keanu’s going for here, but there’s always the chance he’s either playing a second character in the film or different versions of Ted “Theodore” Logan. Considering that the franchise has made use of time travel as a central plot device, we wouldn’t be surprised it the latter theory proved true.

Either way, it looks like we’ll have to be patient to find out what happens. Bill & Ted Face The Music is set to release on August 21st, 2020, but we’ll be sure to post any updates or official announcements as they come down the pipeline.