Keanu Reeves Reveals The Title Of John Wick: Chapter 3


Though 2019 will certainly boast its share of superhero movies, I must confess that one of the films I’m looking forward to most is that of John Wick: Chapter 3. Well, at least that’s what we’d been calling it up until today.

As it turns out, the stylish franchise boasting jaw-dropping gun-katas that keeps us all coming back for more will continue with a rather unexpected subtitle for its next outing, that being John Wick 3: Parabellum. If that rings a bell, it should, as star Keanu Reeves explained its meaning while recently speaking with Coming Soon:

“Prepare for war. It’s part of that famous sentence, ‘Si vis pacem, para bellum,’ which translates as, ‘If you want peace, prepare for war.'”

So, if you’d seen how John Wick: Chapter 2 left off, then you’re well aware of how well that name fits. In fact, we fully expect for Reeves’ character to be taken to the limit like never before, as assassins from all around the globe converge on him from every angle. Heck, I’m hard pressed to imagine how the guy will be able to find any sanctuary, let alone get in a wink of sleep.

As you may have also heard, the threequel has been given much weight since the one and only Halle Berry boarded the cast. Not only that, but a certain four-legged friend is making his return, too – and we all know that little fella can put butts in seats. Well, maybe.

Getting back to Berry, Reeves had this to tease regarding her role:

“Yeah, John Wick is fighting for his life and thinks that Halle Berry’s character has some information for him. They have a past, and they get involved with The High Table, this kind of overlording entity.”

Suffice it to say, we can’t wait to see how that plays out when John Wick 3: Parabellum opens in theaters on May 17, 2019.

Source: Coming Soon