Keanu Reeves Says He’d Love To Play Wolverine


Hugh Jackman was playing Wolverine for so long that it’s difficult to imagine anyone else in the role, but with Marvel Studios soon to acquire the character along with his many mutant friends, it seems all but inevitable that we’ll see a new Logan on our screens sooner or later. Moreover, should the studio be looking for the next actor to wield the claws, John Wick star Keanu Reeves has made it clear that he’s more than game.

There’s certainly some debate to be had on whether the Point Break actor could really summon the animal aggression that we’ve come to associate with Wolverine. Nonetheless, Reeves has previously gone on record expressing an interest in playing either the adamantium-clawed mutant or Batman, and in a recent interview with ScreenGeek, the star double down on his enthusiasm for the former:

“Of the two, I’d love to play Wolverine.”

As much as the fans would love to see Jackman make a comeback – preferably in a team-up with his old friend Deadpool – the Logan star has said it himself that the next time we see Wolverine on our screens, he’ll be played by a different actor. And while it’s nice to know that Reeves is still keen, he’ll surely have a whole lot of competition to fight for the part.

In the meantime, Reeves already has a very popular action series of his own going, with John Wick 3: Parabellum due for release on May 17th, 2019. As for the X-Men franchise, Fox still has at least a couple more projects to go – with the next being Dark Phoenix, hitting theaters on June 7th – but don’t be surprised if Wolverine isn’t the only character who’s recast after the impending Disney deal takes effect.