Keanu Reeves Teases More Assassin Underworld In John Wick: Chapter 4


Obviously, people like to see John Wick movies because they feature action cinema legend Keanu Reeves punching, shooting and stabbing his way through dozens of disposable henchmen in spectacular and expertly choreographed fashion, but the mythology is arguably just as exciting as the fisticuffs.

The ‘retired assassin who gets back in the game for one last job but accidentally launches a franchise’ trope has been done to death on both the big screen and VOD, so John Wick needed another unique hook beside the perpetual joy that’s derived from watching Keanu kick ass.

The intricate world-building surrounding the Continental, the various residents that populate the hotels dotted all over the globe and tales of the High Table, markers, blood oaths and the rest is ripe for further exploration. Luckily, the leading man revealed in an interview with Today that we’re getting exactly that.

“They’re fun. They’re intense. We’re going for it. There’s some really amazing John Wick action and new characters and it’s been really fun to be playing the role again and to be telling this story. You know, there’s new characters and we’re opening up the world. Right now we’re just shooting this crazy fight scene in the middle of traffic. So there’s car crashes, gun fights.”

John Wick: Chapter 4 comes to theaters in May 2022, and it comes packing what’s got to be the most stacked ensemble yet in terms of sheer badassery. Keanu Reeves Day may have been canceled as a result of the pandemic, but audiences might enjoy themselves more if they get a breather between The Matrix Resurrections and Wick 4 instead of watching them back-to-back.