Keanu Reeves Doesn’t Touch Female Fans And The Internet Loves Him For It

John Wick 3

It’s not in dictionaries yet, but it’s most definitely on the way. I’m talking about the Keanussance: The revival of Keanu Reeves that originated with John Wick in 2014 and later spread throughout the universe with two sequels and another Bill & Ted.

The love for Keanu is real these days and it just got bigger, as the star of John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum has now gone viral for a new reason; his respect for women and their personal space. At least, we hope that’s why it appears he doesn’t place his hands on female fans in pictures they take with him.

Observe below:

As you can see, Keanu isn’t placing his hands on Dolly Parton and his feminine adorers in the photos above. Instead, they’re just sort of hovering by their waists. Some think he’s doing it for his own personal reasons, such as avoiding lawsuits from oversensitive fans. Which could be part of it, honestly. But the internet has found yet another reason to love Keanu, as if they needed another, and they’re now throwing out words like ‘respectful,’ ‘classy AF,’ and ‘smart’ in their replies to the tweet.

It doesn’t look like the Keanussance is going to slow down any time soon, either. The actor seems to be the epitome of cool, awesome and everything in between. Off the top of my head, I can’t really think of any of his movies being bad and while I’m sure there’ve been duds, with Keanu Reeves at the top of his game right now, they sure don’t come to mind. It doesn’t even matter that the level of love for the guy sometime reaches creepy levels, like it has on Reddit.