Keanu Reeves Will Have A Small Role In Key & Peele’s Feline Comedy, Adorable New Photos Surface

Considering that Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele’s larger-than-life actioner Keanu is loosely inspired by last year’s hardboiled actioner John Wick, it’s only appropriate that Keanu Reeves himself has a small role in the feline comedy. And that’s exactly what has come to light.

Word comes by way of IGN, who spoke to Keanu – the actor – in anticipation of his soon-to-be-released actioner, Exposed. It was here where Reeves revealed how the project piqued his curiosity, eventually leading him to record a small voiceover that will feature in next month’s romp.

“I’m curious about the title” before adding “I recently did a voiceover for the project – it’s about a cat, though it’s actually not about the cat. There’s a cat named Keanu in it, and so I did a little bit for that.”

Taking a leaf out of Zootopia‘s marketing pamphlet, today also brings forth a string of really rather brilliant posters for the Warner Bros. and New Line flick, framing the titular feline in different scenarios based on famous films, including The Matrix. We’re through the looking glass now, people.

Keanu will spring into theaters on April 29. Tiffany Haddish, Method Man, Jason Mitchell, Luis Guzman, Nia Long, and Will Forte also star.


Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, a.k.a. the hugely popular comedy duo Key & Peele, star as Clarence and Rell, two cousins who live in the city but are far from streetwise. When Rell’s beloved kitten, Keanu, is catnapped, the hopelessly straight-laced pair must impersonate ruthless killers in order to infiltrate a street gang and retrieve the purloined feline. But the incredibly adorable kitten becomes so coveted that the fight over his custody creates a gang war, forcing our two unwitting heroes to take the law into their own hands.