Here’s How Keanu Reeves Could Look As The Next Winter Soldier


Keanu Reeves seems to be doing just fine these days with the John Wick series, but should the actor ever choose to make the jump to the MCU, the internet has offered a fair few fancasts for consideration.

Reeves himself has repeatedly gone on record expressing an interest in playing Wolverine, but with this new image from fan artist BossLogic, we can instead see how the Matrix star might look as the next Winter Soldier. Of course, in the current MCU, that title is still taken by Sebastian Stan’s Bucky Barnes, but in the event of Captain America’s oldest friend dropping out of the saga, Reeves is looking like a worthy contender to take his place.

Incidentally, while the idea of Reeves as the next Winter Soldier or Wolverine is unlikely to ever go beyond the realm of fan fiction, recent reports suggest that the actor might actually be in the running for a part in The Eternals. If so, then Reeves could be joining the likes of Angelina Jolie for a cosmic adventure that opens up a whole new corner of the MCU.

In the meantime, not only is John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum still in cinemas, but you can also catch Reeves in Toy Story 4, which hits theaters on June 21st. And speaking of long-awaited sequels, Bill & Ted Face the Music is scheduled for release on August 21st, 2020.

As for the Winter Soldier, there’s reason to believe that Stan will be reprising his role for at least a few more films. But first, the Falcon and Winter Soldier TV show is headed for Disney Plus next year, and will see the hero pairing up with a brand new Captain America.

Source: Instagram

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