Kellan Lutz In Talks For Masters Of The Universe


It seems to be a day of good news for long-gestating adaptations in Hollywood. Earlier this morning we reported that Justin Lin was being eyed by Warner Bros. to take the helm of Akira, and now it appears as if Sony is looking to get one of their projects out of development hell as well, with news that Kellan Lutz is in talks with the studio to take the lead role in Masters of the Universe.

The news comes via the actor’s Twitter account, where he revealed that he’s had a meeting with director McG and Mary Viola, the president of McG’s production company.

Now, the Tweet doesn’t indicate if the meeting was for the lead role, that of He-Man, but it would make sense if it was. Lutz is a good looking guy with the necessary physique to play the part, not to mention he’s already got a fairly large fanbase. Then again, as we’ve seen through films like The Legend of Hercules, he isn’t exactly the most talented performer nor can he lead a franchise. At least we don’t think he can given what we’ve seen from him in the past.

Like we said, there’s no confirmation on which part Lutz is meeting for, but if it is He-Man, then the movie might be in a bit of trouble. I mean, big franchises have been led by wooden actors before (Sam Worthington in Avatar), but I think that most fans were hoping for a more capable thesp to take on the iconic role.

Regardless, it’s good to know that Masters of the Universe is still simmering away in development, and with McG taking meetings with actors now, hopefully it won’t be long before we hear some casting news.