Domhnall Gleeson Gets Candid About Kelly Marie Tran’s Star Wars Torment


In what should have been a dream role for Kelly Marie Tran, her big Star Wars debut was somewhat tainted by the hate and harassment she received in light of The Last Jedi.

That abuse became so bad – so intolerable – that the Rose Tico actress deleted all forms of social media during the summer, and is seemingly unlikely to return to Instagram (or any platform, for that matter), in the foreseeable future. Not that you can blame her, of course, given the sheer animosity that so often pollutes a major entertainment franchise like Star Wars.

It’s really a small, yet vocal minority that’s responsible for the online toxicity, though that hasn’t stopped Tran’s co-star Domhnall Gleeson (General Armitage Hux) from breaking his silence on the ordeal, telling HeyUGuys:

People having an opinion about the film is absolutely fine. You pay your money, and you’re allowed to have an opinion. The stuff with Kelly was bullshit. That’s a different thing altogether, so those people are just morons. Those people are just assholes. It’s a different level of stuff. You don’t buy that when you buy your tickets. I thought the piece she wrote was amazing and I’ve got huge respect for her. I thought she dealt with it as classily as an unclassy situation can call for.

Unsurprisingly, Gleeson hit back at those spiteful “morons” responsible for Kelly Marie Tran’s social media exodus, all the while paying respect to the actress for handling the situation with the utmost professionalism.

Because make no mistake, Rose Tico will be back in time for Star Wars: Episode IX when it arrives next Christmas, so if Tran’s haters had hoped to break Kelly Marie Tran’s spirit, we’re happy to report that they failed spectacularly.

Source: HeyUGuys