Kelly Rowland shares the inside scoop on her new Lifetime movie and more

Kelly Rowland is a very busy lady. With a baby soon to celebrate a first birthday, the holidays upon us, press for her latest Lifetime movie, and a performance at the upcoming Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, she’s clearly got a lot going on.

Rowland sat down with the Today Show on Tuesday to talk about her upcoming Lifetime Christmas movie, Merry Liddle Christmas Baby. The film is the third in a series that started with 2019’s Merry Liddle Christmas — where Rowland’s character is balancing her life between a career, falling in love, and getting married.

Rowland had this to say about the latest in the Merry Liddle Christmas trilogy:

“In the first one, Jackie’s falling in love, she’s a tech entrepreneur, and in the second one, she finally gets married to the guy who’s across the street, funny enough. They end up being this wonderful couple, and now they’re having a baby, but the dynamics of her life change the way my life changed when I became a mother. Trying to figure out how to be a mother, how to be with this man and his two children because that’s what Tyler has in the film and also how to balance it all and she’s having her own baby; he has two kids, she wants to still conquer the world. It’s like trying to figure that out, and then your family comes into town for the holidays — it’s a whole situation.”

Rowland said the movie reminds her of how crazy the holidays are for her own family too. She said it’s a loving situation, full of support — but as we all know, everyone in the house has an opinion, and sometimes, those opinions coming from family make it harder to voice your own.

Of course, the movie will undoubtedly focus on the importance of family around the holidays and less on material things. So it was a perfect tie-in to a sweet moment between Rowland and Jay-Z on the red carpet recently.

If you’re unfamiliar with the moment — the pair saw each other on the red carpet and got so excited. He stopped walking to turn around and greet her with a huge hug and smile.

Rowland laughed and said she’s not sure why everyone was making a bit deal about it but collectively with Hoda and Jenna, said it’s likely because so many of us are reuniting with loved ones after time away, and it resonated with us personally.

When asked what keeps friendships and family close, Rowland had three necessary ingredients for continuing relationships.

”Love…love, honesty, loyalty — it doesn’t take much.

Those are three important ingredients for us to keep in mind with the holidays upon us. You can see Merry Liddle Christmas Baby on Lifetime this Saturday, Nov. 27.