Kelsey Grammer To Bring Some Mellifluous Villainy To Transformers 4


I know that you have all been longing for some Transformers 4 news. I can see it in your eyes. Well, here it is: Kelsey Grammer has been cast as the villain in the Michael Bay robotic extravaganza. Touche, Mr. Bay. Touche.

Yes, Sideshow Bob himself will join a cast that includes Marky Mark, Julia Childs’ husband, and … some guy named Jack Reynor. He was apparently in Chasing Leprechauns, which we all loved and remember well.

Anyways, Kelsey Grammer is all set to play Harold Attinger, a counter-intelligence agent who does many villainous things with explosions and robots and stuff. I so cannot wait.

I jest, of course, but Transformers 4 really is shaping up to one weird ride. With the bizarre combination of pretty good actors like Mark Wahlberg and Stanley Tucci (and Kelsey Grammer, while we’re at it) with Chinese reality show winners and big mean robots … I just don’t know what to think or feel. The first three Transformers films were so alternately inexplicable, enjoyable and offensive that my brain very nearly imploded from the sheer confusion.

No matter what you think or what I think, Transformers 4 will happen and we will have to go see it. I do not know if Kelsey Grammer is going to make that much of a difference for me in terms of my enjoyment of the film.  The last one made me want to shove rusted spoons in my ears, but I always feel that way about Shia LaBeouf.

I did enjoy Frasier back in the day, but Mr. Grammer has not been doing so hot of late. Somehow, appearing in a Michael Bay film does not seem to bode well for his career trajectory. Time and Michael Bay will tell, as always.

Transformers 4 hits theatres on June 27, 2014. You have plenty of time to prepare yourself for the explosive robotic apocalypse with boobs. Are you excited? I sure as hell am.