Ken Jeong’s Role Expanding In The Hangover: Part III

It began with a naked Chinese mob boss jumping out of a trunk, but actor Ken Jeong is moving up in the world of The Hangover, as THR reports the actor will have a bigger role in the series’ third installment.

Jeong, who was relatively unknown at the time of his on-screen streaking exploits in 2009, reprised his role in the 2011 sequel. If you’ll recall, at the film’s beginning, Jeong’s character Chow appeared to die of a cocaine overdose, but later on he was discovered to be alive in an ice box.

Little is known about The Hangover: Part III except that it will take place in Tijuana, and rather than rehashing the first two films, it will involve Zach Galifianakis‘ character Alan getting admitted to a mental institution, with Bradley Cooper and Ed Helms having to bust him out.

It’s unknown at this point how Jeong’s Chow will be involved, only that it’s to a greater extent than the first two films, but it’s not hard to imagine it will incorporate frontal male nudity.

Todd Phillips once again directs The Hangover: Part III, which films this fall and arrives next Memorial Day.