Kenny Wormald May Star In Dirty Dancing Remake

Kenny Wormald will be showcasing his star talent this October in the remake of the Kevin Bacon classic dance flick, Footloose. On the heels of Wormald’s potential break out role, rumor is circling that he may be wanted for the lead in the just announced Dirty Dancing remake.

Wormald is being considered to fill the shoes of Patrick Swayze’s character, Johnny Castle. Reports are coming in about the Footloose remake saying that Wormald is actually quite good. He can sing, dance and is a hit with the ladies. These reports have come from public screenings of the film and from Lionsgate representatives.

Wormald is one of the young actors being considered for the role, but no other names have been released as of now. We’ll let you know once the news breaks.

The new version of Footloose hits theaters on October 14.