Kevin Bacon Would Love To Cameo In Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3


Kevin Bacon can famously be linked to almost anyone in Hollywood in less than six steps, but having been name-dropped multiple times in the Marvel Cinematic Universe by the Guardians of the Galaxy, it wouldn’t take much stretching of the imagination to see him show up for a cameo alongside Star-Lord and the rest of the gang.

James Gunn’s cosmic adventures are full of nostalgic callbacks and references to 70s and 80s pop culture, and you could easily see Bacon appearing in the franchise similar to Vol 2.’s recurring David Hasselhoff’s gags, which even resulted in a surprisingly catchy song being added to the movie’s soundtrack.

In a recent interview, the Footloose star was hardly shy in admitting that he’d love to get the call for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, even though it could be a long time yet before the threequel eventually heads in front of cameras.

“You tell Marvel, man. I’m ready to go. So far I haven’t heard anything about it, but I’d love to.”

Bacon and Gunn have already worked together on 2010’s Super, and the filmmaker is no stranger to casting the same names in many of his projects, while the 62 year-old actor is also familiar with Marvel comic book blockbusters having played the villain in X-Men: First Class. Seeing Star-Lord meet Kevin Bacon on Earth in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 could be a hilarious meta moment should it happen, although fellow 80s icon Kurt Russell was brought in to play the bad guy in Vol. 2, so there’s no guessing how he could become involved.

In any case, as the most self-aware Marvel franchise, the Guardians are the only ones who can get away with this sort of stunt casting without breaking the rules of the mythology, and missing out on the opportunity to draft in Kevin Bacon would certainly be a shame.