Kevin Bacon Wants To Go Toe-To-Toe With The Graboids Once More With A Tremors Remake


Two and half decades on, Kevin Bacon has expressed interest in reprising his role as Valentine ‘Val’ McKee for a potential Tremors reboot.

Speaking in an interview with British newspaper Metro, Bacon looked back in hindsight at his Hollywood career and when asked which of his films would benefit most from a fresh lick of CG paint, the actor said the cult 1990 original.

“Definitely Tremors, but part of what’s great about that movie is there are next to no digital effects. The monsters are done with puppetry, and it’s still off, funny and scary – it’s a cool accomplishment. I’d love to do something else with Tremors and revisit the character 25 years later.”

In the 25 years since the first Tremors, a whole host of sequels and straight-to-DVD movies have been released, none of which starred Bacon’s quirky protagonist. We last caught wind of a potential remake to the horror IP last year, with production set to unearth all kinds of horror in Johannesburg. Since then, however, all has been quiet on the sun-scorched front, though Bacon’s renewed interest in the franchise might help engineer a modern-day reboot that has full access to bleeding-edge CG.

Then again, part of the charm of Tremors was the delightful practical effects, whether it was the graboids bursting through a wall or slithering beneath the open desert in search of some tasty humans. Could this be undercut if Bacon and Co. were to drag the oversized worms into the modern-day blockbuster environment? Who knows.

It’s unclear whether Bacon will do good on these quotes and push ahead with a remake to Tremors, but that won’t stop us speculating one way or the other. For now, you can share your owns thoughts using the comments section below.

Source: Metro