Kevin Conroy Has Advice For Ben Affleck For His Justice League Performance


You may not be instantly familiar with the name Kevin Conroy, but you’d probably recognize his voice. After all, he’s lent it to Batman over 200 times throughout the years, be it in video games, television or in animated films. He’s a well respected voice actor and his work as the Caped Crusader is held in high regard by fans – so when Conroy has something to say, it’s usually worth listening to.

Such is the case this week, when the actor decided to share some advice on playing Batman in a team setting, like in the upcoming Justice League, which will have Ben Affleck step into the shoes of the iconic hero, following Batman V Superman and a brief appearance in Suicide Squad.

Speaking to IGN, here’s what Conroy had to say:

“In Justice League, there are often episodes where I’ll have four or five lines, where in Batman: The Animated Series I was used to having the entire script to create a portrait of the character. When you only have a few lines it’s much more difficult.”

“The temptation is to over-act because you feel such an obligation to completely flesh out the character in just the two or three lines you have,” he said, “and you have to resist that temptation and trust the fact that you know the character so well. That if you just inhabit him, and speak truthfully, it will resonate with the audience. But it is harder to do because the temptation is push it when you’re sharing the stage with lots of other actors.”

Given that Ben Affleck’s portrayal of the Dark Knight was one of the best parts about Batman V Superman, I don’t think there’s much to worry about when it comes to his performance in Justice League. Still, what Conroy says here is certainly interesting and Affleck would be smart to listen to him, even if he’s already seemed to nail down playing the Caped Crusader.

Tell us, are you looking forward to seeing Zack Snyder’s upcoming film? Or did Batman V Superman sour you on the DCEU? Sound off below and let us know!