Kevin Conroy Explains Why Batman Is Better Than Superman


For as long as there have been superheroes, people have debated over who’d win in a fight involving two specific titans and, more often than not, who’s the better character overall. Given that, it’s only natural for some of the most iconic and recognizable crimefighters around to be placed under the microscope, those being Batman and Superman.

What’s funny is that when actors to have played these gifted folks are asked to weigh in on the situation, some assume they won’t back up the character they portray on screen. And knowing how Kevin Conroy has lent his pipes to the Dark Knight for nearly three decades now, how do you think he’ll respond?

While speaking with Red Carpet News TV, Conroy confessed that he thinks it’s the Caped Crusader’s depth which allows him to resonate with viewers and readers, saying:

“Let’s face it, Batman is complicated. He’s got issues, he’s dark, and he’s got problems. And he overcomes them all, which is what people love about him.”

Batman Superman

As he continued, there seemed to be a hint of jesting in his next words, but Kevin likely isn’t kidding when saying Batman is better than Superman.

“But Superman, he’s square-jawed, farm-fed, he’s just so boring. He’s got no issues. He can see through walls, he can jump over planes, he can fly. What’s the challenge for him?”

We, of course, imagine that Conroy has great respect for the Man of Steel, but there are defined reasons why people have chosen sides. Though Batman may be my favorite character in all of fiction, Superman is actually #2 on my list. And whereas Bruce Wayne struggles with life – and love – when outside of his costume, Clark Kent has a steady job, not to mention a wife and kid. If Big Blue were so unrelatable, then he wouldn’t have been in continuous publication for 80 years, nor would Smallville have run for 10 seasons.