Kevin Feige Explains Captain Marvel’s 23 Year Absence From Earth Prior To Avengers: Endgame


Although I found myself highly enjoying Captain Marvel when I saw it over the weekend, I couldn’t help thinking about Carol Danvers’ absence from major events prior to Avengers: Endgame. Granted, we were offered the explanation of her going off to intervene in the Kree Empire’s affairs, but her late arrival in the battle against Thanos still makes her feel like a convenient Deus ex Machina.

Naturally, moviegoers will want details of what Carol’s been up to for the last 23 years. And if that story is to ever be told on celluloid, it most certainly won’t be found in Endgame. Here’s what Marvel Studios’ head honcho Kevin Feige told Cinema Blend regarding that situation:

“There’s no full flashback to the last 23 years [in Avengers: Endgame]. I don’t want to say anything about Endgame, but I will say, as established in this movie, she very much takes responsibility for places that are not Earth – in large part because Earth has Fury and the Avengers.”

Actually, that kind of makes sense because Avengers movies are ensemble flicks in the purest sense, and you want to assure that each character has their own special moments. If the Russos went into extensive flashbacks detailing Carol’s past, then you’d risk fans calling the picture “Captain Marvel 2, featuring the Avengers.”

Still, we will get some exposition, as Feige continued:

“Once people see the movie, the answer is a part of it. She’s been dealing with this unjust war, as it’s referred to at one point in the movie, between the Kree and the Skrulls – she’s vowed to help them find a home, she’s vowed to come after the Supreme Intelligence. So how long that took and how hard that was, it could certainly be one answer to that question.”

Of course, all will be answered once Avengers: Endgame arrives in theaters on April 26th. And when it comes to Captain Marvel, I’m guessing we won’t be seeing the last of her, given her continuing box office success.

Source: Cinema Blend