Kevin Feige Says Black Panther’s The Most Important Victory Marvel’s Ever Had


Marvel fans were pretty mad when last night’s Golden Globes ceremony ended with zero awards for Black Panther, but the fact that the film was nominated at all in the category of Best Picture – Drama makes it a groundbreaker for superhero cinema, serving as just one example among many of the movie getting major recognition from groups known for paying little attention to the genre.

Indeed, it’s hard to argue that any other MCU feature has made as profound a cultural impact as Ryan Coogler’s latest flick, and in a red carpet interview with MTV News, Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige described the film as “the most important victory we’ve ever had,” before reflecting further on this success, saying:

“We have high expectations, we spend a lot of money on these movies, we put a lot of time into these movies, we believe in them and expect them to do well that we can do another one. That it had the cultural impact it had is what is most meaningful.”

As well as having a staggeringly successful run at the box office last year, Black Panther received just about the most glowing critical reception of any MCU entry so far. This acclaim has since translated into attention from numerous award-giving bodies, giving Feige an excuse to make his first trip to the Golden Globe Awards.

“This is my first time at the Globes. That Black Panther has the power to bring Marvel to the Golden Globes is pretty exciting.”

But while Feige’s evidently pleased with the recognition that T’Challa’s solo debut is getting, he also argues that previous entries in the superhero genre – be they from Marvel or DC – were sadly overlooked.

“Yes, of course, [The] Dark Knight obviously you talk about, but I think Marvel Studios made a lot of great movies that I’m very proud of. Almost any of which I would hold up there with the best films of that year.”

As well as earning a nod for Best Picture, Black Panther received Golden Globe nominations for Best Original Song and Best Original Score, and while the movie ultimately went home empty-handed, fans still have high hopes that the film will get some major attention at the Academy Awards. The Oscar nominations are set to be announced on January 22nd, at which point you can expect either a Best Picture nod for Coogler’s feature, or some heavy backlash headed the Academy’s way.