Kevin Feige Says Marvel Has No One In Mind For The MCU’s Wolverine Yet

The Wolverine-Hugh-Jackman

As the man in charge of the most popular franchise on the planet, Kevin Feige has become a master at skirting around major issues when faced with a direct line of questioning and giving non-committal answers that offer plenty of information but nothing substantial, which comes with the territory of being the architect of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Many people in Hollywood tell half-truths in interviews and there are plenty more who straight up deny things that turn out to be true at a later date, but Marvel’s Chief Creative Officer has never been that guy. He always gives as straight of an answer as he possibly can despite rarely showing any of the cards he’s holding close to his chest, which is why it should probably be taken at face value that he gave a resounding ‘no’ after being asked if the studio had anyone in mind to play the rebooted Wolverine.

Feige has been dropping a ton of information about the MCU’s future on both the big screen and Disney Plus during the promotional trail for WandaVision, and it’s telling that out of everything he’s been asked, the Wolverine inquiry was the only one to be shot down instantly with an emphatically brief answer.

Of course, that doesn’t mean the speculation is going to end anytime soon, with rumors flying around about potential Hugh Jackman cameos and actors lined up as his replacement on a regular basis, something that’s not going to stop until we get confirmation as to how, when, where and why we’ll be seeing Wolverine in the MCU, if he’s even going to be part of the X-Men reboot at all.