Kevin Feige Has New Mortal Enemy According To The Internet

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Image: We Got This Covered

When it comes to Spider-Man: No Way Home, fans have been begging for any information at all about the upcoming Marvel film. Ideally, they were hoping more for a trailer and less for images that may or may not be fake; but the latter leaked online tonight, and fans can’t stop talking about it.

Did you miss the Tweet from John Campea? Here is a rundown of what happened and what fans are saying about it.

Apparently, Campea Tweeted images that he felt were “obviously photoshopped,” but he deleted them when contacted by someone who said they might be real photos. Campea then went about his business for the rest of the evening before finding out he was trending on social media for Spider-Man: No Way Home leaks. He explained the situation on his Twitter account.

He posted a photoshopped image he shared earlier in the year and said that he still feels that the photos from this evening were fake. Ultimately, he left it up for everyone to decide on their own.

When alleged leaks hit the internet, fans dubbed John Campea Feige’s newest mortal enemy.

This user says Feige is going to come to Campea’s house, promising chaos.

This is a likely reaction to Feige finding out about a Spider-Man leak.

Fans are convinced that Feige has had enough!

Of course, someone had to bring Thanos into the equation; and rightfully so.

Feige may not have a welcoming greeting for Campea at the red carpet event.

Of course, Feige wouldn’t choose violence like the Tweets fans are sharing, but the sentiment is enough to make fans laugh tonight and come together for a few hours to share some memes and hilarious clips from some of our favorite films and tv series.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is slated to hit theaters on Dec.17th.