Kevin Feige Reveals That Captain America: Civil War Contains His All-Time Favorite MCU Moment


Captain America: Civil War is a movie packed full of amazing moments. From Spider-Man’s debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to that epic final battle between Cap and Iron Man, there are a lot of great scenes in there which fans are sure to be talking about for years to come.

However, Marvel Studios President and Captain America: Civil War producer Kevin Feige has revealed that the movie contains his all-time favourite MCU moment, and it’s neither of the ones mentioned above nor probably any of the big set pieces you’re thinking of right now. Instead, it’s a far more personal sequence.

The scene Feige is describing below is the moment we learn that The Winter Soldier was responsible for the murder of Iron Man’s parents, Howard and Maria Stark:

“I think it’s my favourite moment in 13 MCU films. The whole movie was building to that, and it’s amazingly executed by the Russos. It goes back to conversations we had years ago about how to make it different and how to have as many characters as any Avengers movie and yet have it end in a very different and personal manner.”

This was a revelation we’ve been expecting since it was teased in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, but it still came as a shock to see Bucky murdering Tony’s mother and father and it made for a very powerful moment, in big part thanks to the superb performance by Robert Downey Jr.

Tell us, what did you think of this scene in Captain America: Civil War? Was it your favourite as well, or do you have another one that stands out? Sound off below and let us know!