Kevin Feige Sounds Hopeful For A Silver Surfer Movie


Last month, Anchorman director Adam McKay revealed that Marvel approached him to take over Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 after original director James Gunn was fired. The filmmaker explained that while he turned the opportunity down, he’d still be interested in making a Silver Surfer movie someday. But what are the chances of this awesome-sounding project actually happening?

Well, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige caught up with MTV News while attending the Golden Globes last night and was asked about whether anything could come from McKay’s dream movie. Feige revealed that the director’s a friend of the studio’s and he “look[s] forward” to discussing the project with him at some point.

“He’s an honest to goodness fan. He did a lot of behind-the-scenes help for us on the first Ant-Man film. I look forward to talking with him.”

So, in other words, the odds are pretty encouraging that McKay could make his Silver Surfer movie. As Feige says above, he already has a working relationship with Marvel as he was credited as a screenwriter on the first Ant-Man. Furthermore, Feige’s comments also suggest that he may’ve been a key figure in getting the film into shape after Edgar Wright exited the project late in the day.

Of course, McKay probably couldn’t rush into a solo film for Norrin Radd straight away, as Marvel presumably have to wait for the dust to settle on the Disney-Fox deal before they start digging into the X-Men and Fantastic Four toybox. We’ve been told not to expect any immersion of these franchises into the MCU for a while yet, but perhaps eventually the Silver Surfer will finally get his due on screen, after 2007’s lukewarm Fantastic Four sequel, Rise of the Silver Surfer. 

Source: MTV Awards

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